Thinking about ordering the UK DVDs?  Read this FIRST!

A UK DVD is recorded using the PAL TV system, and is coded DVD Region 2.
A US DVD is recorded using the NTSC TV system, and is coded DVD Region 1.

So, a UK DVD will not normally play in a regular US DVD player.

HOWEVER, there are three ways to work around this...

Work-around One - Get a multi-format, multi-region DVD player
This is a machine that will play both PAL and NTSC DVDs, from any region.
They are available online, hook up to a regular TV and prices start from around $80.  Look for a site online such as...*.

Work-around Two - "Hack" your player to make it multi-region
With many home DVD players you can enter a "hack" code to make them multi-region.  This normally requires entering some sequence of events such as opening the DVD drawer, whilst entering your birthday on the remote control, standing on one leg and whistling Dixie.
The hack code frees up your DVD to ignore the region coding on a DVD.
This works really well on some DVD players, but not at all on others.
If you want to try this, you can look-up your machine on a website such
as*.  Be careful, and read any instructions/warnings.  
Don't get conned into paying anyone any money for this kind of service.

I recently bought this player from BestBuy, just $40
CyberHome DVD-300  Click here for the code to make it multi-region

Work-around Three - Using your PC or Mac to play the DVD
Many PCs and Macs will allow you to play a DVD no matter what region
or TV system it was written for.  If you machine does not, you may be able
to download software to free up this ability.  
For the Mac...*.
For the PC...*.
HOWEVER... I would not even think of loading my PC down with this stuff!
However, if you're of a mind to load your machine up to the eyeballs... knock yourself out!

Sorry guys and gals, but I can't answer individual questions on these issues,
but there are plenty of places to go for help, maybe join this Yahoo! group...*

What would I do?  I'm kind-of techie, so maybe the region hack, 
If you're not so techie, maybe buy a new region free unit.
I wouldn't use the PC/Mac software.


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