Soctor Who Trailer
The Power of the Daleks

Soctor Who title sequence


                                 The Sontaran Chicken Dance
We wondered what it would be like if the Sontaran
War Dance had a different accompaniment
(37s  - Windows Media Video  -  9.8mb)

                                  Series 4 Celebration
In celebration of the new theme music
we present a short video tribute to our
beloved Doctor Who title sequences
(1m16s  - real video  -  23.4mb)

                                 The World without Keff
David wanted to see what things would have
looked like if Keff's theme never was...
(1m53s  - real video  -  6mb)

                             The Cybermen Years
Clips of each Cyber story, with text description,
and UK No.1 single from the time of transmission
Produced for the visit to NY of Cyber-designer
Alexandra Tynan - aka Sandra Reid
(real video - quality fair - 43.6mb - 26min)
!!!Contains spoilers and some explicit lyrics!!!

Original Ending - Army of Ghosts
Featuring the original "surprise" enemy
(real video - 1.7mb)

Original Ending - Doomsday
Before the ending was re-dubbed
(real video 2.7mb)

Accordion of Death
Something a little bit strange, from Michael

(real video - 3.3mb)

Don't Me Stop Now - Season One
hi 9.53mb   lo 2.76mb

Doctor Muppet
A proposed season 2 title sequence

Doctor and June
Terry and June DW Titles (silly)
Based on an old UK sitcom

Pearl and Dean Doctor Who Titles
You have to be Aussie, or British and
over thirty to get this!


Marcy leaves in the TARDIS (Gallifrey 2009)
MP4 / iPod 2.9mb

Barnaby leaves in the TARDIS (Gallifrey 2009)
MP4 / iPod 2.9mb

DWNY, A snap-shot of the first two years...
RealPlayer 61mb  |  RealPlayer 28mb  |  MP4 37mb

Some messing about with effects
Playing about with new software, and some
of the pictures from the DWNY photo-shoot
(10mb Windows Media Video)

'twas the night before Christmas Invasion
An epic poetry reading by Harold (10mb)

The Cupcakes of Death
hi 28.9mb | med 12.8mb | low 5.75mb
Guy and Harold's cookery lesson - 7m54s
(Dalek cupcakes)

The Cupcakes of Death DVD Cover
PDF (hi res) | JPEG (lo res)


The Next Poem
- Celebrating "The Next Doctor"

The Damned Poem -
Celebrating "Voyage of the Damned"

The Whinge that Stole Christmas -
Celebrating "The Runaway Bride"

Twas the Night Before the Christmas Invasion -
Celebrating "The Christmas Invasion"






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Windows Media Player required to play some of the high quality clips, 
here for PC, or here for Mac.


A Who York Evening with Louise Jameson - Tuesday November 3, 2009, NYC


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