BBC Doctor Who Site
The Doctor's official home on the web
Independent site, formerly part of
the titanic Outpost Gallifrey site
New forum formed by members
of the Outpost Gallifrey site

Doctor Who Online
A great site, full to the brim with content
A must see site

Sci-Fi's Doctor Who Site
Doctor Who on the Sci-Fi Channel
Site devoted to the very talented Mr. Tennant

Millennium FX Replicas
Fantastic quality replicas of Doctor Who masks,
from the people who create them for the show!

Good fun, well produced DW podcast
...Live from Long Island!

Doctor Who Appreciation Society
The DWAS is the original, official and biggest
DW fan group in the world.  Though the web
site could use some work guys...

Doctor Who Information Network
The DWIN is the largest North American fan
club.  Based in Canada, but also serving the US

Doctor Who Club of Australia
Network of Doctor Who fans in Australia, with a merchandise service, publications and local groups

Doctor Who Guide - Australia
Guide to everything going on with
"Who" 'down under'

A great site with more Doctor Who
theme music remixes than you can 
shake a sink plunger at.  Scores an A+

Some great fan created images
inspired by the series


Big Finish
The producers of some simply brilliant
Doctor Who audio dramas, featuring original
series cast, including four of the actors to
play the doctor.

North American DW merchandise site
North American DW merchandise site

Guide to playing UK DVDs in the US
Our own helpful advice, if you're thinking
on buying the new Doctor Who series
(or anything else) on DVD from the UK

The Skaro Toy Museum
Merchandise from yesteryear, with
a concentration on 60s Dalek-Mania

Weta NZ - Doctor Who Page
Weta Collectibles line of Doctor
Who collectible statues


Clive's Website
Think Clive was just an internet nut?
You should read his site, he may have
something.  Who is this "Doctor"?

United Nations Intelligence Taskforce
The military unit seen working
with this "Doctor" character
Passwords: bison   &   buffalo


Gallifreyan Embassy, NY

Prydonians of Prynceton, NJ

Philadelphia (DWPA), PA

Boston DW Viewing Society, MA

US Branch of UNIT, MA

Northern Virginia DW Viewing Society, VA

Columbus, OH

Ohio Type 40, OH

FriendsOfTheTimeLord, Cincinnati, OH

Irving, TX

Los Angeles, CA

  (in location order - working outwards from NY)



Doctor Who Theme Music
Clive Bank's website, with all (most)
versions of the theme music
Plus Jon Pertwee's criminal record

Doctor Who Bloopers List
A fun site, which does exactly
what it says on the can.

Sisterhood of Karn
London based gay DW fan group

Victimsight Films
Fan Film Web Site with trailers



Project Dalek
Want to build a full size Dalek?
Download plans from here,
and get help from others.

Witty Little Knitter
Want to knit a Tom Baker scarf?
Get patterns and tips from here,
and much more besides for all the knitters
in the group.

NASA and Time Travel
See what NASA has to say on the subject of
time travel, you may be surprised
A political site in New York, tagged as "Reliable
News, Liberal Views".  BUT they wrote an
article on Doctor Who, and kindly linked
to us.  So we return the favour.  Also, has
some great articles on the difference
between US and UK politics...

Doctor Who - The Musical!
Ahem, yes, well.  It is very
silly. But well worth a visit

Long Island Gay and Lesbian Sci-Fi Group
Our proud neighbors on Long Island








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